Q: How did you get to work senzual masseers? An
swer: To work senzual masseers I got a complete coincidence. On the Czech site I hit the article, which spoke the philosophy and history of Tantric massage. Since I have worked for one unnamed salon with classic but also Thai massages, this article has been very impressed. I started to focus on finding expert information about this sensual massage. Gradually, I started to be educated and signed up to one Czech town on the Tantra massage course. This was my new start to life, because this course gave me very much and I started to live and breathe Tantrou. In addition to the Tantra course, I followed the course of Tantra Yoga, where I better understand the overall influence and importance of Tantric massage. Today my profession is only a massage with a pleasant end “massage with Happy Endom”

Q: What do you think you better than other masseers? An
swer: I really enjoy working, I give everything to it. In addition, I am constantly improving and oftentimes I invent new techniques to make my massage not dull. I’m conscientiously preparing for every new day, I come to my work much sooner so that everything is perfectly prepared. I keep track of trends in Tantra Massage, from the search and selection of good Tantra music, to news in the quality of the massage oils offered. All this contributes to the quality of tantric and erotic massage.

Q: Which massage do you prefer? Answe
r: I absolutely prefer to have a Nuru massage or body on the body. This massage is perfectly relaxed and in addition, our men love this massage. In the correct procedure, this massage from Japan has a very strong erotic character. The well-transferred Nuru massage is very demanding on the horse and therefore, in addition to the fact that he will delight one guy, even himself, because in such a movement is very nicely shaped figure.

Q: What are you in your spare time? Answer:
Time for myself I have very little because I strive to be constantly at work. But time for a regular Naver fitness can always find. For me, my appearance is very important, so I am wearing popes so that my character does not go anywhere. I prefer the news in Tantre in the evening instead of TV. I watch a variety of Tantra videos for inspiration, let me miss anything. Fashion is also a great deal of my liking and when I have time I love to buy and beautiy in various beauty salons. I love nature, so I don’t go on any sculptures, but rather look for natural cosmetics and body care.

Q: What kind of men do you prefer
? Answer: I prefer men who know what they want. My age doesn’t really matter. I love men who are kind and take care of themselves. He walks to me different types, even with many clients I already have a friend’s relationship and in addition to the massage is often I entertain and therefore always very much I look forward to everyone.

Q: How do you understand which route to be chosen for the client? A
nswer: I am an experienced masseer, I open the door, I look at the man and in that second I know what he asks for. It’s all about the experience, intelligence and joy of giving massage. When this work is done by a masseuse, the work is really fun, it is reflected in the quality of the massage. Taka Tantra massage is far more intense than the massage that the client receives from the woman who makes the job explicitly for the money. Nowadays, unfortunately, it is a trend that a prostitutes are built “Tantra masseers” which offer Tantra massage just because they have found that the massage will earn more. They do this oftentimes at a significantly lower price than the actual tantra movements. Many people then leave disappointed from such services and either completely close the senzual massage or after time they come to try a massage with happy endom eg. Also to me. After my Tantra and Nuru massage are perfectly satisfied, with enthusiasm and oftentimes I meet with the opinion that such something has not yet experienced and ask me if I will not mind when they come over me again. This will always be able to really delight me, because I know that my mission to the art of Tantra massage I perform well.

Q: What has you given Tantra massage to
life? The answer. Before I knew Tantra massage, I lived quite a bit of a well-balanced and messed life. Like about every young girl, keep somewhere to walk “live” and enjoy the youth as it falls. By entering the Tantras, my whole life has changed, and I started to eat healthy, play sports, much more to take care of my own but not just this. Tantra is not only for me to work, but also the style of life. The path to each other, energy, music, books on Tantra massage, bilines, oils, meditation, chakras, reics of this all we are in today’s dedication and I live with full satisfaction and the knowledge that Robim themselves and others happy.

Our Tantra salon wants very nicely to thank our great and always positively tuned Tantra masseers Lady ALEXI.

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