Tantrism has previously begun to use more than 2500 years ago. It is difficult to talk about the exact origins of Tantra massage, but the presumption of formation stems in India, where people humiliate a mixture of tantric elements and tantric foreplay as a higher way to release and ecstasy.

Nowadays Tantra massage takes the elements of a modern world and by far we can not speak the right tantre, because the effects of modern time are sliding the tank more into the commercialism and the search for a rapid sexual release of the influence of an accelerated life.

The charm of the past has already vanishing and the qualities that the tank has been gradually declining until they disappear. Traditional Tantra were described for example. Breathing exercises, various ritual training rooms and this whole process has been thoughtful and at the same time lengthy. As the ancestors put emphasis on preparation, they also put emphasis on the quality of the Tantric ac
t. But today it’s quite different because Tantra massage in US loses it’s true charm. Many tantric salons about breathing technicians have not even heard, often I listen that in many lounges, reciprocal touches and masseurs are forbidden to show a tank shrouded showing a sort of direction of one-way tantras. People then leave not quite satisfied, because usually their desires are not so filled.

My masseers are guided by the connection of the old Tantras with modern times. The water ritual, the naked body of masseers and reciprocal touches, cannot yet be missed in the massage. Our massages have enriched the various elements of the erotic and NURU massage, a very popular variety of changes to the masseers ‘ positions, resulting in a variety of massage, everything is targeted so that you do not break down during the massage, but relax and relax your sexual energy. You will enjoy exactly how people in the past slow the stimulation of the genital organs by the various erotic techniques of our experienced Masérok. Today’s time offers more erotic than Tantra massage. Men are mostly uplifting and few can take away the sensuality and popularity of the preparation of the right Tantra massage.

Our masseurs try to combine traditionally techniques with modern elements. It is very important for us to offer what men do so very much…. =)

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