The magic atmosphere of Tantra massage for the dawn of candles and the listening of tantric music. Erotic massage full of tenderness, good touches, excitement and relaxation. The experience will be glamorous

Tantra massage acts on overall health, harmonious balance, improves blood circulation, reduces stress and tension, keeps you in sexual condition.


As a single Tantra salon, we strive to combine two tantra and erotic massage in one unit to achieve vital energy and the peak of ecstasy. To achieve a quality Tantra massage our masseuse will use the art of Tantra combination with the art of Taoist style but especially the Nuru massage, which we also call the "body of the body" or from English points to points. This massage with popularity is practiced by all our masseers, thus contributing to the development of modern Tantras.

1. Coming to us

How does Tantra massage take place? Our privacy and discretion are paramount. We guarantee that you will not meet another person, just with your massecloth. After you postpone your shoes, or a coat, the masseers will welcome you in civil clothes and explain what all of you on the massage would be waiting, of course, will be the space for you and your questions. Masseuse will like to share your wishes and needs with you.

2. Preparing for the Tantra ritual

Masseuse will show you a place where you can fold your stuff and followed by a short shower. As soon as you return to the room, you are already fully exposed to the Massean and puts you in the ritual.

3. Ritual

The ritual takes place in the stand, don't musite anything, you will forgive your masseuse. Each of our massages begins with this tantra ritual, which is your body. The help of you is a prime initial stress, you start to perceive the environment, music and a beautiful massecloth that pampers you and pampers your delicate touches. The ritual is an essential part of Tantra massage and you gradually realize that you are in the right place.

4. Massage

You will feel a massage with several techniques, gentle searching of fingertips, massage with palms, forearms, gradually through the whole naked body, butters and mustaches, gently with masseers after you are slippery. During the whole massage Masseka is naked, changing various techniques, different positions, will not err or position 69. When you massage, your masseuse is not used in objects such as feather, gloves, and for hygienic reasons. The masseuse only uses what men love most, hands and body.

5. The final intimate part

Masseuse uses all the techniques to fit the tantra massage of the penis (lingamu) as a massage to the breasts, body, part of the face, gradual excitement of the hand, to… If you wish, culmination.

6. Relaxation

You can enjoy the final rest on a futone-mattress, leaving your experience to life. Massess sits at you and gently starts you. You will then leave the massage for a few moments so that you can stop undisturbed.

You can use a shower, a final call with a masseuse and you are leaving home full of experiences, positive thinking and a smile on your face.

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