Tantra Massage Course

An individual course of Tantric massage is created specifically for women who want to start to perform the work of Tantra masseers. The Tantra massage course is oriented to find everything you need to start your work. We will not be allowed to live with you, but we use facts in the classroom and we emphasize the most essential for your development.

The content of our seminar is: 

-The philosophy of Tantra massage-the emergence of senzual, tantric and erotic massage, the teachings of Tantras, modern Tantra massage….

-Entrepreneurship strategy in the field of Tantric massage


-Preparation of the area before the massage-cleansing space selection of the right music, the importance of burning sirloin, aids, massage oils, teas, etc..

-Aromatherapy-The importance of silic in Tantrickéj massage, 

-Communication with cages-introductory interview and entry into the ritual.

-Ritual-Entry into Tantric massage

-Hot Towels

-The technique of Tantra massage-the right technique of massage with tips of fingers, use of the techniques of palms and forears. Alternating slow touches from dynamic, release of energy, breathing, mere massage of the shape and head, full body massage and various massage techniques, several types of massage

Masto Lingamu-Penis

-Fundamentals of Nuru Massage-body to body or points it points

-Code of Ethics, contraindications, hygiene

-The rate of the course lasts approx. 6-8 hours-divided into two days for better precision and understanding 

-The course will take place with the manikin and the trainers


-A methodological summary of Tantra massage lessons that we will put on the USB

-Oil and equipment

PRICE of INDIVIDUAL TANTRA MASSAGE COURSE: 300eur-duration approx. 6 hours, divided into two blocks 

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