Massage with two massagers is the most in the field of Tantra massage. You will experience an incredibly erotic massage in the administration of two of our experienced Tantra Lady, which are synchronised so that what you demonstrate you have not yet experienced… Our Lady knows exactly what men love and in addition to starving and various massage techniques will guide you through the paradise with their naked gently glidable bodies after your. They present massage techniques such as massage with breasts, butchmen, their bodies and at all will not be on the heads of the:)). This massage is special in that, in addition to the classic Tantra massage by two beautiful women, you will feel the NURU massage (massage by their body, breasts, From both the masséyear at the same time)

They bring you to the faint. Masseers are played and this massage is among the TOP MASSAGES!


  • 50 min/€160
  • 80 min/€250
  • 110 min/€300
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