1. Why are we an elite and original Tantra salon in what we are better than the competition? T
he most important factor in our development in the field of Tantras are the unmistakably our jewels of masseers. In addition to being beautiful, sweet sexy and intelligent, each is unique in its own way and every job is done with joy. With us, Tantra masseers are not alternating as they are on a running passport, but each one of them weighs their profession and lives tantrou. They love their profession and indulge in the art of Tantrism.  Not only do they attend different courses of Tantra massage, but also study the psychology of Man, better able to challenge various problems. What is important to say is that our nice Tantra masseers have never worked in any erotic lounges or priv! A more im
portant factor in the elite position is our discrete spaces, always clean and prepared in advance so that a full tantra and erotic massage can take place. With u
s, every massecloth has its own space, you will never come across from any other massecloth and not at all from other clients, which guarantees high discretion and s
ecurity! The next our advantage is the programs that we constantly cut, complement, so that every On your. They are unique, original and also created for the most demanding clientele.

2. What is the difference between an erotic and tantric ma
ssage? Tantra massage is a massage to develop sexual energy throughout your body. Tantra is an art of touch and mind. Orgasm is not the main purpose of Tantric massage, but can be part of it. All this depends on the experience of the work of the most important energy in your own body, which affects the survival of the whol
e body orgasm. Erotic massage is a massage to meet physical needs, achieve excitement and a strong orgasm. Using various exciting techniques, the masseuse tries to reach the apex of the ecstasy and satisfy your desires.

Tantra Massage Erotic Massage – Building Energy – Excien IE – relaxation of body and mind – sati
sfaction of desires – slow and escalating excitement
– culmination – unlocking life energy                   
                               – Relaxation of the
body – denial of stress, mental and physical problems
– breaking down psychological problems and feeling of happiness

Tantra + Erotic Massage in US

As a single salon, we strive to combine these two massages in one unit to achieve vital energy and peak ecstasy. To achieve the goal our masseers use the art of Tantras with a combination of the art of Taoist style but especially the Japanese style of Nuru, which we also call the “body of the body” or from English points to points. This massage with popularity is practiced by all our masseers, thus contributing to the development of modern senzual massage.

3. What are the expectations we meet in our salon in Brati
slava? So most often it’s especially satisfying your sexual needs. Of course our clients also visit us to complete relaxation and rest after demanding working days. Some of our clients are looking for solace and postcards, but also to explore themselves and their own sexual energy. Someone is looking in rather experience. Even for some, the erotic massage is offered by our beautiful Masseys to national sports, and we visit us very often, making us extremely happy and enjoying the work of our masseers filling.

4. Who most often looks for tantra and erotic massages
? We meet from various clienacula. Some come to their first tantra massage, others are our rock and rock clients. Many people are looking for a rather new facial masher and those are rather perpendicular to various tantra lounges. Most of our sexy massexes work with permanent clients in Bratislava, which often form a friend’s relationship and the quality of Tantric massage is the same. But we are very happy to welcome the new faces, which will extend our strength and position in our area of service offered to the Lords.

5. Can the massage be uncooke
d? Our salon has both high quality and professional masseers, which are by the way all very charming and with beautiful sexy characters that the unsuccess of the climax is hardly even in us. The exception may be a problem from a health point of view, or too shy and stressed by a person who needs to visit our Tantra studio several times to be able to relax.

6. What is our goal for the future?

Maintaining a permanent and developing new clientele, constantly building new spaces in other cities and moving forward in the field of learning Tantric and erotic Masažach. If you want t
o experience a blend of traditional and modern Tantra massage come to us to study in the capital city of Bratisl
ava. We cordially invite you to enjoy a luxurious and sensual massage in our areas of Bratislava Ruzinov or Petržalka.

For our clients is preparing to launch a new Tantric study in Nitra!

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