Tantra 3in1

SPECIAL ACTION CATALEA (tantra + body on body + relaxation oil massage for muscle relaxations) only for demanding, more types of massage during one, the best of the best in Bratislava, what men love… You can find this massage only with us!

For the Lords who need to feel a woman's naked oiled body on that one and in addition they want the masseers to touch her hot body, so precisely for we have created a program of joining more types of massage into a single whole.

-Tantra body on the body (erotic massage with naked body masseers, her breasts, butts) 

-Seductive movements, fluently slow with dynamic, cross-touch grounding,

-Friction of the oiled body on the body

-Slow precision of the penis, acorn, gentle squeezing of the seeders in the various positions chosen by you

-Massage of medicinal products, rehabilitation, relaxation,

You will feel a massage with several techniques, gentle searching of fingertips, massage with palms, forearms, gradually by a naked body, butts. Our Tantra Lady will gently be after you slippery, excite… The massage begins with a ritual (a description below the massage) continues the erotic massage of the whole body and feet and a weak conclusion by the massage of intimate parts of the flesh, breasts…. This massage is unique in that we offer only us in this composition. 

Tantric ritual – Every massage begins with the ritual of your body. It comes from the Vas's initial stress, starting to perceive the environment, candles, music and a beautiful masseer that pampers you with your delicate touches. The ritual is an essential part of Tantra massage and you gradually realize that you are in the right place.


  • 50 min/€110
  • 80 min/€160
  • 110 min/€210


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