Tantra Massage Concepts

Sometimes you can't give advice, which means some expressions in Tantra massage. That's why we decided to give you a little bit at least a few basic terms and we believe that you can understand the importance of Tantra massage.

Šiva-The most beautiful Mansky principle-consciousness

Shacts-The most feminine princip-energy

Kundalini-Life energy hidden in the Coclet

Lingam – male sex organ penis 

Massage lingam – Slow penis massage with different techniques

Yoni – Female sexual organ – vagina

Tantra Massage-Massage not only the body but also the soul, the awakening of sexual energy and the spread all over the body

Tantra Massage Ritual – Admission to Tantra massage with the help of specialty touches for energetic tuning  

Perineum-Hrado-the area of the man who deters the penis from the analogue hole, a place with a clear power of energy

Prostate-male gland forms the secretionists needed for the nutrition and transport of semen

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